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        Marvelled by photography from a tender age, when I first discovered the magic of development, my first experience of photography was in black and white. Later on, I purchased my first compact camera, from which I never parted, and I could revel in colour photography. I then began to apprehend life through a viewfinder. Some years later I ventured in seasonal photoshooting : for three years, I photographed faces and smiles, and took advantage of the months out of season to initiate myself to nature photography. There is a short step between photographing a child and a flower... The Ubaye valley (French Southern Alps) was for me an excellent playing field, offering rich wildlife and varied landscapes. I learned to polish my eye on the world arround us, be it an awesome landscape or a little patch of land, and I delight in seizing natural light, be it fleeting or persistent, bright or diffuse. I also took advantage of my spare time to indulge myself in the maze of Photoshop which is a fantastic creation tool. In 2008, I was chosen to realize an illustrated report in the gorges of the Verdon and their surroundings (Provence, South East of France) for a postcard editor (Editions Iris-Mexichrome). I now live in Toulouse and I mainly exercise my passion in the Pyrenees. I offer you to realize the photographies of your wedding in the regions of Midi-Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon and Aquitaine (South-West of France). I am also available to photography your private or professional events.